Prices & Layouts

The layouts of the apartments and commercial premises of Koidu Kodu can be viewed by clicking on the property which interests you. The prices of the apartments and commercial premises are based on the existing luxurious interior design. If you would like to make changes to this design, you can agree any required changes with the developer. It is also possible to buy a storage room in the building and a parking space in the courtyard or in the underground car park.

Floor Plans

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Koidu 99FloorRoomsApartmentBalconyTotalPrice  
Guest Apartment 11128.2 m²43.1 m²71.3 m²85 000 €PlanPDF
Guest Apartment 21255.3 m²2.5 m²57.8 m²139 000 €PlanPDF
Commercial 161 86 m²2.5 m²88.5 m²BookedPlanPDF
Apartment 202381.3 m²-81.3 m²189 980 €PlanPDF
Apartment 212376.1 m²-76.1 m²187 860 €PlanPDF
Apartment 232261.1 m²-61.1 m²149 800 €PlanPDF
Apartment 2424102.5 m²-102.5 m²255 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 273376.1 m²-76.1 m²195 470 €PlanPDF
Apartment 293261.1 m²-61.1 m²153 800 €PlanPDF
Apartment 3644103.4 m²-103.4 m²265 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 354261.4 m²-61.4 m²158 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 385266.7 m²-66.7 m²169 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 395378.8 m²54.1 m²132.9 m²244 280 €PlanPDF
Apartment 405261 m²-61 m²165 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 415390.7 m²13.9 m²104.6 m²300 000 €PlanPDF
Planeedi 7FloorRoomsApartmentBalconyTotalPrice  
Guest Apartment 421360.4 m²26.9 m²87.3 m²158 600 €PlanPDF
Guest Apartment 431132.2 m²22.8 m²55 m²BookedPlanPDF
Guest Apartment 452246.8 m²-46.8 m²BookedPlanPDF
Guest Apartment 442372.4 m²-72.4 m²175 000 €PlanPDF
Apartment 4634135.5 m²10.7 m²146.2 m²360 000 €PlanPDF

Parking space in the underground car park: € 11000
Storage room: € 5000